Our Mission:

The mission of the Pennsylvanians Concerned About Alcohol Problems is to assis our society to live a life style free of alcohol and other drugs. We endeavor to promote this lifestyle by teaching children and adults about the harmful effects of using all types of drugs.


About us:

Pennsylvanians Concerned About Alcohol Problems (PCAP) is a non-profit (501 C) organization that has been in existence for over 100 years. We limit our efforts to educating children and adults about alcohol and other drugs. Our goal is to help society to live a life that is free of the many harmful effects of alcohol and other drugs. PCAP does not enter into any political affiliation and it maintains an attitude of neutrality in questions of public policy not concerned with alcohol and other drugs.


Organizational Structure:

PCAP is led by an Executive Director who reports to a Board of Directors for advice and guidance. There is an office manager who handles all of the work associated with scheduling, record keeping and administrating the normal duties of maintaining the organization's headquarters. The Executive Director is responsible to raise funds, over see and review the work of those who teach for PCAP and make periodic reports to the Board of Directors.



PCAP is a non-profit organization and as such we do not charge for our services.

How We Are Funded:

PCAP receives NO federal or state funds.  The organization depends upon the donations of individuals and organizations to supply the necessary operational funds.

How to Donate:

Your gracious donations are needed and appreciated.  You can donate by sending a check made payable to "PCAP" and mailed to:



900 South Arlington Avenue

Suite 160B

Harrisburg, PA 17109


All donations are tax deductable and we will issue a receipt.